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Saemor wins Winning 4 the Future Awards

At the Legends4Legends event held in Amsterdam 15 September, Saemor was among the winners of the first ‘Winning for the Future’ awards. These awards were presented to funds that excel in ESG, Operational issues and performance. For more information on the event, please visit the website of Laven partners.

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‘Sell in May and go away’ revisited

Andrade, Chhaochharia and Fuerst re-examined the ‘Sell in May and go away’ effect first published by our CEO Sven Bouman & Ben Jacobsen in 2002. The authors expected to disprove the effect but to their amazement reached the conclusion that seasonality still exists not only in stock markets but also in other markets. A 5 minute interview with Mr. Andrade can be found here.

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Saemor says stocks may be ‘overbought’ after Cyprus, Bloomberg Brief – Hedge Funds Europe

‘Equity markets now “seem overbought both in the U.S. and in Europe,” Bakker said in the email. With credit spreads widening due to the unresolved Italian elections and the on-going questions surrounding a bank bailout in Cyprus, “we feel that markets are at least ready to take a pause,” the report said.’

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Pension Funds in Alternatives, Financial Investigator #5

Pension funds need a stable funding ratio and this often translates to a need for a consistent and steady return. The most obvious way to achieve this is by diversification through asset classes that offer a decent and uncorrelated return. Therefore, pension plans have been increasing their allocation to alternative investments such as hedge funds. This trend is observed in both public and corporate pension funds all over the world. Click here to view the full column.

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Patrick van de Laar speaks at CAIA Netherlands and AIMA Educational Event: Value of Hedge Fund Investing

At the event a broader discussion took place on the value of hedge fund investing and the roles hedge funds can play in investment portfolios. Other panelists included ABP, PGGM, Transtrend and Simmons and Simmons, among others. The event also marked the launch of the second paper in the AIMA/CAIA hedge fund trustee series, “Portfolio transformers”.

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Sven Bouman on Quantitative Trading Panel, at Morgan Stanley Event, 16 October in Paris.

msThe panel was moderated by Daniele Spada from Lyxor, and discussed various quant strategies, optimal market conditions, etc. The panel also included David Hoey, ABC Arbitrage Asset Management, Francois Bonnin, John Locke Investments, Philippe Azoulay, Marshall Wace, Michael Kharitonov, Voleon Capital Management.

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