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Saemor Capital employs highly capable individuals in a team-oriented and process-driven investment culture. Our team consists of competent and experienced professionals formerly employed by top-rated financial institutions.

Before setting up Saemor Capital, Sven Bouman and a number of the team members were employed by AEGON. They were awarded as the best overall Equity Manager by Lipper (2006) and FD Morningstar (2008), and the best Manager of Dutch Equities (2007, 2008).

Investment team

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Sven Bouman
Sven BoumanCEO
Sven Bakker
Sven BakkerCIO
Louis Heij
Louis HeijPortfolio manager
Rani Piputri
Rani PiputriPortfolio Manager
Richard Schreuder
Richard SchreuderPortfolio Manager
Petr Merkuryev
Petr MerkuryevAnalyst
Mick Herfkens
Mick HerfkensAnalyst

Investor Relations

Erwin de Kleijn
Erwin de KleijnProduct Specialist
Mary Kahng
Mary KahngInvestor Relations Manager
Oliver Gaunt
Oliver GauntInvestor Relations Manager


Patrick van de Laar
Patrick van de LaarCOO / CFO
Lai Yin Lee
Lai Yin LeeSenior Risk Manager
Hilbert Elzen
Hilbert ElzenOperations Support
Wing Yang Wong
Wing Yang WongOperations Support
Nathalie Scholtes
Nathalie ScholtesOffice manager
Natasja Hessing
Natasja HessingFinancial Administrator


Hans van der Heiden
Hans van der HeidenHead IT
Tony Baboelal
Tony BaboelalInformation Analyst

Legal & Compliance

Ayse Kaya
Ayse KayaLegal & Compliance Officer